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Bridge Solver is an interactive bridge hand analyser that will help you to improve your skills at this game. Select a contract and the app will investigate various lines of play. It can also browse session results on bridge websites.

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Contract Bridge X is a simulation game app developed by Bibase Software in This game features random deal, Acol and Standard American bidding. It also allows one player to control the other three hands. What are the best bridge card game apps? When you click on it, we may receive a commission or fee. World of Warships. Win your battle! Play for FREE! It's full on strategy and naval clashes. Maybe it's because i'm really into battleships and stuff but definitely one of my favorite games!!

This is a good solution Bridge Base Online is an app that allows you to play contract bridge for free. You can play against robots and real people, participate in tournaments and team matches and chat with other players.

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Jesse Hawkins. I also really enjoyed being able to chat with some world class players when I am unable to play or feel like watching others play. I highly recommend this app to those that enjoy playing and watching Bridge.

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Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again. Rate it. Brenda Armstrong. You can play a number of Bridge games here and it is really interactive. What I like however are the columns since it gives tips and tricks and sometimes tutorials on how to improve your Bridge play. Its only available on the App store though. Free to download and play, but there are options for you to buy if you would like.

There are , players, so there's never a question about being matched up with another player. Over 1 million deals played daily! Moreover, you can also select specific types of hands if you want to work on something particular.

The app is already used by more than 40, players and it has great reviews. It can be downloaded for free and it has some pretty amazing features. The app has already been downloaded more than , from Google Play. The advantages of this app are the following:.

BridgeBaseOnline is the most popular of all online sites. Here you can play Bridge any time of the day or night, competing with and against thousands of players around the world. Player skills vary from newcomers, novices, intermediates, advanced, expert and even world class tournament players. If you download this app, you will be able to:.

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Google BridgeHands. There Are Many Available Bridge Apps Most card games can now be played online , regardless whether you prefer playing for real money or for fun. It is even possible to down your apps and play games on your smartphone or tablet. This is ridiculously easy and even if you're a sitting duck shooting wildly from the bridge, it doesn't seem to matter how many times you get hit as you don't die. After this, the chaos is featured on the local news and you go on to take on a number of other challenges, including knife throwing against the clock which gets progressively harder.

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The biggest problem you'll face is the relentless push to make in-app purchases in the form of weapons, medical kits and other tools in order to progress. As a result, it takes way too long to progress in Contract Killer 2 and leaves you wanting to take out a contract on the heads of the developers. The graphics have considerably improved in Contract Killer 2 although they're still not particularly realistic but that also comes at a cost too because each level takes a while to load.

There's a lot of plot narrative in between levels as well, although you can click to skip these. The controls for the weapons are still a little unpolished and it is difficult to aim because of the "realistic" sway of a person. You can also attack with melee in Contract Killer 2, though it is timed based and you do not have a lot of control when attacking.

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You can however configure your own keyboard controls for Contract Killer 2 instead. But easily the most frustrating thing is the time it takes to progress in the game without purchasing anything, it is designed to be extremely difficult if you do not follow their "recommended" purchases. The plot and idea behind Contract Killer 2 are good, but it comes across as way too focused on making money.

What do you think about Contract Killer 2 Do you recommend it? Airo keeps you out of trouble, crushing every malicious threat out there.