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Just decompress them when you finish the download. Please remember that these files are free for noncommercial use only.

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Silvia Jacinto July 25, at PM. Jorge Frew June 19, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. In fact weekly menu will save you a lot of time and money with stretching your limits. A well planned weekly menu eliminates stress at dinner time and helps in creating a balanced die for family.

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Creating a weekly menu is of immense benefit especially for busy families. Between creating a weekly menu, shopping for ingredients, preparing the foods, it is possible to get overwhelmed and give in to the lure of fast foods. However, the following steps will help you in creating a weekly menu which will be beneficial for you and your family. Step 1. It is important to first assess your personal situation. In fact, you must understand that your situation could be different from others and be prepared to ask yourself what will work for you or what will not.

You must know the best time for grocery, have the space to hold up a week worth meal, how much time you can dedicate to cooking and the food budget you can stick to. Step 2.

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Check for promos and advertisement on your local store. It can help you plan better. Step 3. Plan your weekly menu at the beginning of the week.

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You can research on recipes, read books and understand the details of meals you intend to have during the week. Step 4. Open a desktop publishing document and list down all you will need for the week on the central list. This is the list you are expected to use for your grocery shopping for the week. Ensure it is comprehensive enough to contain all that is required.

Step 5. Take an inventory of your stock before going to your local store to ensure you do not buy more than required. The Meal Planner also allows you to add all the ingredients from a plan to your Grocery List, export the meals to Calendar.

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We think the above prices are reasonable because of the full suite of features offered by the apps, the free cloud syncing, and the attention to detail at every level. Those features, combined with the overall high quality of the app, catapaulted AnyList over Basil to become our new second place winner. Something to note off the bat: Our general take is that, while Paprika and AnyList both allow you to manage recipes and grocery lists, Paprika is better at the former while AnyList is better at the latter.

If they can just do some tinkering on the actual cooking side of things, Paprika will have a much tougher contender on its hands. These days however, it seems as though the developer has practically abandoned the app, with only a couple updates released in the last two years — and even those were only to fix a few minor issues and in one case, to add a tip jar in settings. Thus, we have finally bumped it down to third place.

Sad trombone. Despite not being updated in any real way recently, Basil still beats out the rest of the competition listed below. That should tell you something about the base level of quality it was built on. While Basil only handles recipes and a very basic shopping list, it does a stellar job at recipe management and in-kitchen use.

One feature that differentiates Basil from Paprika and AnyList is its tagging system. When you add a recipe to Basil, you can tag it by both meal type and cuisine, making it a snap to organize recipes without much effort. However, where it does suffer is its slight inclination towards bugginess. For example, after adding a recipe from the web, the main interface will sometimes start showing this little gray bar along the bottom, which only goes away on relaunch:.

The app is weird to use, too. The only real draw for BigOven seems to be its RecipeScan feature, which lets you submit scanned images or photos of handwritten recipes to be transcribed into digital form. Pepperplate is a weird one.

Instead, it tells you to visit Pepperplate. Also, during testing the app crashed on me several times for different reasons before I even added recipes to the thing. Thumbs down. It was like working with an utterly broken text editor.