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Scannerz finds weak sectors along with bad sectors and can be used to troubleshoot cable and system problems. Disk Warrior also rocks because it can reconstruct drive index files on a problematic drive. There are some graphical user interfaces for it but they may require X-Windows. Difficult for many, yes, but details beyond anything else. The procedure is fine for isolating indexing problems.

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Seagate USB External drive diagnostics | Seagate Support UK

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I think you and Mac Tech are idiots in here. Every Mac user should check their Mac hard drive health on regular basis. It helps to prevent you from any disaster of data loss. Disk utility is good one but I have used other one i. Drive status module of this software helps to check health of Mac drive with advanced options. Thanks for shairing this information.

I used the Option key. Disk repair was successful. Thanks for the tip! Yes exactly. It should be common knowledge for any Mac user.

How to read and access Mac Hard Drive on Window pc

It should be no different then knowing how to change your tire on your car or checking the oil. But then again, not everyone even knows how to do that… sigh…. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

How To Health Check Your Mac’s Hard Disk

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Walter Kemble says:. November 15, at pm. It will also increment the counts associated with a surface scan error or irregularity, as described in the manual. The purpose of Scannerz is to help you properly get to real the root of the problem!

A Scannerz Normal Mode test may be stopped completely, allowing the user to terminate the test and Scannerz if desired and then resume the test at a later time or day. This is convenient if the drive is large and the test will take a long time to complete. Important note: If Scannerz detects errors or irregularities before a Normal Mode scan completes, it is not necessary to scan the entire drive or system.

This is already indicating the presence of problems, and you may wish to stop the test immediately, save the test results, and go right into Diagnostics Mode for evaluation.

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The two screenshots below show the dialogs that Scannerz will present to a user allowing them to stop a scan followed by the option to resume a scan. The dialog associated with resuming a scan will be presented to the user during the sequence that begins after the "Start" button has been selected. Further details are provided in the users manual. When a Normal Mode test completes successfully, a dialog asking whether or not you wish to review the summary report will appear.

This report is in rich text rtf format and will be opened in TextEdit.

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  6. Selecting the option to review the file will allow you to save the file under another name and folder if you wish to do so. A screenshot of the summary report is shown below. If the report isn't reviewed at test completion, it will be saved in the Documents folder.

    How to test a Mac's speed & performance

    Pay attention to the relative performance indices RPI values reported and analyzed by Scannerz. Changes in these values can indicate a significant performance deviation and yet not be reported by an S. In Diagnostics Mode, Scannerz will review the data from a Normal Mode test, and if needed, perform a battery of tests on not only the drive but the system to determine the exact nature of any problems. If Scannerz runs a test in Normal Mode and there are no errors or irregularities detected and the system seems to be running fine, Diagnostics Mode may not need to be used.

    You will want to use Diagnostics Mode in any of the following conditions:. An irregularity is an event that occurred during a test that Scannerz has flagged as taking an abnormally long amount of time to complete. Events that take too long are often indicators of existing or developing problems. Excessive data corruption may be occurring if the user frequently needs to use Disk Utility to perform repair operations on the drive. Going into details about these problems is beyond the scope of this document, however those interested in investigating them further may visit our page on advanced troubleshooting with Scannerz.

    This option is selected when you want to reevaluate any results from a Normal Mode scan. Perform Interface Tests. If excessive data corruption is suspected of occurring this option allows the user to monitor data transfers occurring between the system and the selected volume. This test must be performed on a mounted volume that is capable of read and write operations. If there are periodic system hangs or lock ups occurring, seemingly without warning that can't be correlated to any drives connected to your system, this may be able to expose them.

    Calling this test a memory test is something of an understatement because it can also expose logic board faults as well. To perform a Diagnostics Mode test, you select the media from the list of available drives, click on the tabbed item labeled "Diagnostics" and then click on the "Configure This will bring up the Diagnostics Mode test configuration dialog and is illustrated below. After the tests are selected, you click on the "OK" button and can optionally open the logging window.

    Disk Utility

    Testing begins once the "Start Diagnostics" button is selected. The user may also stop diagnostics mode testing by clicking on the "Stop Diagnostics" button, which will terminate testing completely it can't be re-started where it left off since most tests in this mode are quite specific. A Diagnostics Mode session with the logging window up may appear similar to the following: The Diagnostics Mode user interface has two progress bars as indicated above.

    1. Disk Utility

    The top bar indicates the overall progress of the current mode under test, and the bottom bar indicates the progress of all tests selected. Confirmed Weak Block Counts.

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    This indicates the media being scanned has confirmed weak blocks. These typically occur only on hard drives, but may occur on SSDs if the read time for a specific block is excessively slow. Confirmations here indicate that the problem is with the media the hard drive or SSD. Confirmed Bad Block Count. Confirmed bad blocks will be unreadable blocks or sectors on a hard drive or SSD. Once again, these will indicate that the problems are with the media, but in this case data will not be able to be recovered from the block or sector at all.

    Seek Errors. If they occur on an SSD it usually indicates a faulty cable or connection or that the SSD is failing to evenly distribute memory blocks for usage, which can be a sign the drive is beginning to fail or has a firmware error.