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You can also try to hone your skills first, teach yourself the ins and outs of your weapon of choice, and formulate your very own tactics in Target Practice mode. From Blitwise Productions , the creators of DX-Ball, Scorched Tanks and other quality games, Pocket Tanks has gathered millions of downloads and over a decade of quality artillery gaming. This iconic game has been around since , and has only gotten better since. With a loyal fanbase and community, many developments and upgrades have been added to guarantee the best gaming experience. Designed with ease of use, fast gameplay, an interactive environment, and simple but fun mechanics, Pocket Tanks will get you and your friends hooked in no time.

You can play against your family and friends wherever they are in a 1 vs. You can still get into online battles with your fellow players from all around the world. Loading game information Hell Let Loose, with squishy swamp underfoot, dynamic sounds of gunfire, explosions causing hero concussion, death from shots, is as close to real war as it gets. To capture control points, ammunition and supplies, you have 2-hour sessions, with actual combats lasting about 40 minutes in practice. Now we can switch to air battles with Squadron: Battle of Britain. After personal customization at the base, you fly and fight.

The game is not too diverse: 2 planes Hurricane and Spitfire , 2 maps city and field , but the battles are very intense. You get 5 to 7 fighter allies against up to 50 opponents.

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In the not so distant future, after the beginning of the Third World War on European continent, you can be a part of this global conflict in World War 3 game. Military operations take place in the cities of Moscow, Warsaw and Berlin.

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Or in 2 extra modes — Warzone and Recon. Jumping through time again, if you wish to experience the ancient combat art through war games. Mordhau is a multi-player medieval video game developed by Slovenian studio Triternion for Windows OS.

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  5. In it, a player is essentially a knight, going through 6 game modes: Frontlines, Battle Royale, Horde, Skirmish and Deathmatch. You can blow directional punches, strike with hands or legs, dodge, block attacks, as well as use weapon combos. One more historical strategy game freshly released in It takes place in the X-century China, where different fractions oppose each other.

    Total War is rather a war strategy game, where one has to develop the army and the cities, control law enforcement, ensure profits, provide food, manage the population and public order. There are 8 game modes, from company to tournaments against other players. You have to complete daily tasks, gain bonuses, upgrade the equipment, use various weapons rocket launchers, sniper guns, bombers, etc. Internal game market is provided as well, so that players can trade among themselves. Quite a lot to explore and have fun along the way, fans of massive battle games will like it for sure.

    Before the fight, you choose the class depending on what weaponry you prefer. By utilizing Unreal 4 engine developers managed to create high-quality graphics. So, we can recommend Insurgency for any tactical shooter fans. A real-time strategy RTS amongst war games would not hurt as well. Game has a lot to offer: penetration, stealth, shooting, defense, ammunition, air combat, unit management, etc.

    It is quite complicated and therefore the gameplay is not for everyone.

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    The task is to complete the mission using units and squads, forming battle groups from available units. It might be infantry, tank or motorized divisions. For example, if you create a tank division, you get plenty of options for tanks, but less infantry, support, air defense, reconnaissance. Overall, recommended for those seeking another kind of strategy, as well as previous Steel Division games enthusiasts.

    WW1 on the Eastern front is where this P2P multiplayer shooter game brings us. This game is probably the most realistic one among similar WW-themed war games. Historically accurate guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, grenades and melee weapons, and no medical kit or revive option.

    A shooting system with meter scope, which means a hit enemy will die or be wounded depending on weaponry you use. Characters have individual abilities, e.. If you capture new sectors you can then improve aerial reconnaissance, accelerate artillery reload. The control over control points will deplete enemy resources and your team will win, similarly if you capture the enemy HQ. To-do list for Update 6. The New Bay map will give you many fierce fights in urban areas. Enjoy the unique gameplay in British heavies with new consumables.

    Read about other balance changes on the portal. Let the Winds of Wins carry you straight to the Patton in the bright Aratinga warpaint. Please read these suggestions.

    I have to say, this is the best game I have ever played in my life. Here are a few suggestions to make a better, in my standards.

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    Bring back the old tanks! Update 5.

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    I want them back! It just created a less diversity of tanks. The Military Honor System. I have to say, the rating system is kind of…annoying.

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    Sometimes I think I my military honor decreases for no reason at all. What if somebody missed a tournament battle just because the had some kind emergency and had to go somewhere quick?

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    Please do something about the military honor! Add more nations! It would create more options for players to choose from! High-tier tanks. They cost too much XP and silver!