Move lightroom library from pc to mac

Keep doing this until your top most folder of images is in the list. If they need to be re-linked, the folder Pictures using the above example will have a? In LR4 and previous it was a?

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Go figure. Click on the? This will open Mac Finder and you can navigate to the folder location.

Moving lightroom library from Mac to PC?

Doing so should relink all of the images. If you need to relink individual images, click on the! LR will relink that image and all other images in that folder and subfolders. I have reinstall my windows 7 because of a bug nobody can get rid of and therefore have to move my LR 6 to the new installation. Your explanation is very clear. I could proceed with no problems.

What I would like to do is copy a set of images which I copied from the existing catalog. Images which have been modified by LR, i. This collection of images is more complete than the one connected to the catalog I am moving.

Transferring Your Lightroom Catalog to Another Computer

Could I move the catalog via LCat. I imagine that once the new catalog is installed no images would appear until one imports them. If one does this the Previews irdata way the existing images will automatically comply, where as the new ones I want to import, even though all of them have gone through Lightroom would do what. I would appreciate your help. A time consuming method but a safe one.

I think this is exactly what I was looking for! I backed up my computer, including the Lightroom photos, to an external hard drive and put a new hard drive on my lap top. But now, I lost all the ratings and more from the old Lightroom. Seemed like I would have to import everything and do all the work again of selecting and maybe editing thousands of photos!

So, from this solution, if install the old hard drive on the laptop again, copy the Lightroom catalog, I can restore everything to the new hard drive and the new Lightroom? I need help.

How to Easily Move Lightroom to a New Computer

So I am trying to follow the steps above. Here is where I am stuck. I am transferring my LR 3 catalog and photo library on an external hard drive to a new computer where I have already been using LR 6 and saving work onto a new external hard drive. You should be able to put it in a custom location.

Just open it from there using a right-click on the catalog. That should prompt LR6 to open the file…. It is stuck on preparing new searchable data. I successfully updated my catalog, thank you!

How To Move Lightroom From one Computer to Another

I am going from a PC to a mac. In the middle of this and light room is asking me to relaunch. I have some new photos already in light room on my mac. I plan on doing this soon but not sure what it means when you say in step 4 for transferring photos.

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The external hard drive threw me off. I have imported photos from my camera all along into Lightroom and when it closes I back it up to a usb drive. So I assume that would mean from my computer?? Thank you. So I have all photos now on an external drive. When importing them on new computer will they show up as I have them adjusted on Lightroom? Or do they need to be redone. If instead you just want to manually copy them, just do this — no need to import anything.

Be sure to back up both your catalog and photos.

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I recently moved my LR catalog and photos from my PC to an external hard drive so that I could edit photos easily on either my PC and laptop. The problem I seem to have is that a collection that I created while editing on my PC seems to be only on the PC and not the external drive. I know I am missing a step when I create my collections that would allow them to be saved on the external drive and not the device I am using but I cannot figure out where.

Can you help? You have copied your catalog to your external drive, but you are still using the ones on your internal drives. To use the one on the external drive, double-click on the. Hi Laura, first off, great post. I shoot files and put them on my laptop in the field, then copy them to a flash drive and transfer them to my desktop exactly as I had done with my pc system, then import to lightroom, but this time none of my edits show up at all.

Any idea? I apologize for missing your question.


Your work has been accessible on your PC because you had the preference turned on to automatically write to XMP. Thank you Laura, that makes total sense now. Thank you again! When I go on a photo safari I use an external hard drive with my laptop when I download my images.. How do I transfer my photos from the external hard drive to my Mac when I get home.

If I work on photos when away will the changes also be transferred. I use Lightroom 5 at the moment. Hi Eldie, the process described in this article to transfer both your photos and your work applies whether your photos are on an internal or external drive. They do move with the catalog, Missy Janes. I was albe to transfer the raw files from the laptop. I had color coded and begun to edit when on the road for a wedding shoot but when I transferred them over I lost the color coding, stars and edits.

What did I do wrong? I used to always use an external hard drive which made things so easy but had a bad crash last Spring and was told not to depend on the external drive and to back everything up to a more reliable duplicitous system attached to my iMac. I am just trying to get the hang of this new system so any helpful comments will be most appreciated. It sounds like you just moved the photos over.

Hello, thanks for the help! I make photo books using Creative Cloud and upload them to Blurb to print and sell them. Yes, Zoe, books are saved in the catalog. If you regularly work on both computers, rather than just occasionally, you might want to consider storing your catalog, and either your photos or smart previews of them, on an external drive. You could then just plug in the external drive to either computer and launch Lightroom with this catalog.

Laura, I followed your procedure to move a slideshow from my desk Mac to my Macbook Air but the slide order a custom sort was not preserved.