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Download and extract the MacPorts 2. Either do so using your browser and the Finder, or use the given commands in a terminal window. Afterwards, perform the commands shown in the terminal window. There are times when some may want to run MacPorts from a version newer than the current stable release. Maybe there's a new feature that you'd like to use, or it fixes an issue you've encountered, or you just like to be on the cutting edge.

These steps explain how to setup MacPorts for developers, using only Git to keep MacPorts up to date. Though a distinction is made between pre-release and release versions of MacPorts base, the ports collection supports no such distinction or versioning. The selfupdate command installs the latest ports tree, and updates MacPorts base to the latest released version.

Pick a location to store a working copy of the MacPorts code. MacPorts uses autoconf and makefiles for installation. You can add --prefix to. The last line should look like this:. Now MacPorts will look for portfiles in the working copy and use Git instead of rsync to update your ports tree. Occasionally a MacPorts developer may wish to install more than one MacPorts instance on the same host.

MacPorts Brings the Best Open Source Software to Your Mac

The first command temporarily removes the standard MacPorts binary paths because they must not be present while installing a second instance. Introduction 2. Installing MacPorts 2. Install Xcode 2. Install MacPorts 2.

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MacPorts Upgrade 2. Uninstall 2. MacPorts and the Shell 3. Using MacPorts 3. The port Command 3. Port Variants 3. Common Tasks 3. X-code is pre-req for MacPorts. Immediately after you install the port command, you should update the available port list by doing a selfupdate as shown below. Add the following lines to your. After selfupdate it will ask you to do port upgrade for all outdated installed ports.

You can search for a specific package by using a keyword. This will search for all available packages with the given keyword, and display the corresponding version number of the available packages also.

MacPorts Portfiles

When you install a package, it displays all the dependent packages, and install them one by one before installing the given package. The following will install tmux package. If you just want to view all the dependent packages before installing a package, you can do it using deps option as shown below. The following will display all the dependent packages for tmux. As you see below, tmux is dependent on libevent and ncurses packages.

To uninstall a package, use the uninstall option as shown below. When you uninstall a package, it will not remove the dependencies, it will uninstall only the given package.

MacPorts Python installation on Mac - 10 easy steps

Use the -f option also, which will force uninstall all inactive packages as shown below. When you install a package, it downloads the package and then installs it on your system. Switched from homebrew to MacPorts after reading this. Thank you! It is pretty good. But TensorFlow seems has a problem in runtime. Seems unable to select te python interpreter.

If so, I cannot use this IDE. Any suggestions? What is macports needed for? Hi I built a new environment following these intructions and rather happy to have a stable environment but remain unclear as to the purpose of macports.

Perhaps you have two versions of Python installed, where pip is installing for one, and the python interpreter is running another? Name required. Email will not be published required. Tweet Share Share. App Store Search for XCode. Install Additional XCode Components.

Macports Package Installation. Macports Installation Wizard. MacPorts base is already the latest version. Python 3. Mrigank Tiwari March 16, at am. Jason Brownlee March 16, at am. Very nice Mrigank. SamarthHalyal March 17, at pm. Jason Brownlee March 18, at am. Very nice work! Phil Salm March 27, at pm. Jason Brownlee March 28, at am. Glad to here it. You can type:. Phil Salm March 28, at am. Jason Brownlee March 29, at am. You may need the new path to take effect.

Consider closing and opening the terminal window or restarting the computer. Nidhi Sharma April 1, at am. Open a terminal and type: sudo port install python35 To make this the default version of Python, type sudo port select —set python python35 sudo port select —set python3 python35 Close the terminal window and reopen it. Confirm that Python 3. Jason Brownlee April 1, at am. Consider a reboot? Ram April 1, at pm.

Jason Brownlee April 2, at am.

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Very nice Ram! PJ May 29, at am. Hello Jason I am getting these errors: python versions. Any ideas? Thanks, PJ. Jason Brownlee June 2, at pm. You could try skipping statsmodels. Mayra June 14, at am. Thank you Jason! Everything worked out as planned. Please advice : Thanks again, Mayra Here are the versions I got: scipy: 0. Jason Brownlee June 14, at am.