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It would not be possible to surf the Internet without any IP address at all, as that is how websites and other services know how to route your requests web pages. For Safari instructions, skip down to Step 4. These can be obtained from free websites one example is here or from a paid service like ours. If you choose to use free settings to hide your IP on Mac, be aware of their risks. In addition to being rather unstable slow , free proxies are usually not compatible with SSL pages AND it is quite difficult to know who is operating them.

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In other words, risk of your data being intercepted by someone with ill intent is significant. Therefore, free settings are probably fine if you're just surfing around viewing pages for fun. Fully SSL compatible proxy setting may be obtained from a service like ours visit our homepage , or from others on the Internet.

Be sure to delete your browser cookies before surfing, as cookies are another tracking method used by many websites and marketers.

Hide IP Address on Mac OS X

On Firefox step 3, you can tick "No proxy". A "how to" provided by iPrivacyTools. Without it, you would not be able to access the internet. There are ways of masking it, or making it more difficult to obtain, but there is no way to "block" it completely.

As such, from that IP address, anyone with the proper tools most commonly, authorities are able to deduce your exact location with help from your ISP. It is more difficult for "bad people" to do the same thing, though not impossible. Obviously, there is no such thing as anonymity on the internet.

How To Hide IP/Mac Address On A Mac

If you keep your activities on the internet on the "up and up" if you will, you'll very likely never have any problems at all. Don't do things you wouldn't want anyone and everyone to know about and there will never be anything to worry about. Too many people these days think that there is some sort of anonymity attached to the internet, but in reality, the actions of people on the internet are just as freely accessible to those with the right tools, again as your actions on the street in front of your house.

Proper judgement, as with anything, is the key. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu.

Hide IP Address on Mac OS X

Loading page content. LukeD LukeD. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: You will find all the answers to your questions there. Interests of hackers increased during the rapid growth of WiFi hotspots. Leave them with nothing with help of reliable bit encryption. Download Hideman Mac OS 1.

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Ensuring privacy on the Net is an increasingly difficult job and using a proxy is one simple way to help hide your tracks. MacProxy forwards network settings to a proxy server, thus enabling users to hide their IP address and navigate the Net anonymously. MacProxy can even connect via your iPhone, turning it into a local proxy.

STEP #1 for Firefox

You can choose to access MacProxy via its simple interface or by using a System Preferences pane. The main interface immediately pops up on installation so you don't have to access if through the System Preferences Pane on first launch. Adding a new proxy is very easy. You can give the proxy a name and configure which protocol you'd like it to use. Once you're up and running, you can monitor the amount of traffic to and from your proxy. MacProxy is extremely simple to use.

It would have been preferable if the developers had at least provided some public proxies to get of taste of how it works but if you already have one set up, administering it via Mac proxy couldn't be easier. MacProxy is an ideal tool for a network administrator or web surfer who wants to preserve their privacy or surf to sites not normally available outside their own country.

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  • Download MacProxy 3. With its sophisticated motion and sound detection systems, you only record when there is something to see — fewer clips to sort through, less storage used. You can also record continuously. Finding and viewing the clip you want is fast and easy. Download Periscope Pro 2.

    Enjoy private web surfing with secure OpenVPN technology at the click of a button. Protect your Internet traffic, bypass censorship, and hide your IP address. Provides end-to-end enctyption and privacy between your Mac and any website or online service.