Razer blackwidow ultimate 2013 mac

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As I quickly learned, however, electrical tape is my friend; and a couple of carefully placed pieces later, the logo has been given a proper burial. Once I accomplished this, my feelings towards the keyboard were only further satisfied as I realized that this keyboard looks even better than before. After just three hours or so, I was fully acclimated, and error-free.

Like with any keyboard, one of the first things you probably test out are its keys. These switches are notable for being incredibly loud, and live up to their name in the BlackWidow Ultimate, providing a tactile feel rivaled to retro keyboards. Simply put, every keystroke is as enjoyable as the last, but may annoy your next door neighbor. As a gaming keyboard, though, I wonder why this keyboard was not offered in MX Black or Red switch option; both of which are enjoyed by hardcore gamers.

Each key has a matte finish as well as an individual LED. The transparent lettering on each key is located at the top, centered directly above the LED. While working on code in low light, I have to hunt-and-peck for commonly used symbols like pipe, brackets, and so forth. It gets annoying quickly, and it appears in this instance that Razer sacrificed usability slightly to maintain a uniform appearance.

While crafting these keys, Razer took to the layout of the standard Apple Keyboard, so everything is exactly where you expect it.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Support

While Apple allows for a keyboard shortcut to sleep the Mac by pressing Command-Option-Media Eject, using Eject will not work with any shortcut. To the right of the Media Eject button are two blank function keys, F13 and F The Mac version of the BlackWidow Ultimate has 19 function keys, with Function keys along the left side of the keyboard as macro keys.

Keeping this in mind, it seems Razer has given Mac users a bonus with seven blank keys, compared to six on the Windows version, ready for macros or any function you can imagine. While all connectors are braided and gold plated a huge plus , having 3 USB ports or 2 and 2 audio jacks to fully run this keyboard is asking quite a lot, particularly for Macbook owners, as all MacBooks and most Macbook Pros come with only 2 USB ports. Having the keyboard and audio card plugged into a non-powered USB hub gave me many issues with audio quality from both the headphone and microphone jack, as well as many frequent oddities with the keyboard acting up.

At this point, the FF19 keys, Game Mode, Macro key, and key programming were useless, so I downloaded the latest version of Razer Synapse directly from their website, which was version 1.

Unfortunately, after installing Synapse, my function controls just stopped working. Even with multiple computer restarts, I eventually resorted to downgrading Synapse to an earlier version, 1. It finally was working! I took a chance by re-updating to version 1. For software that acts as a nervous system for my keyboard, it was having some serious jitters.

In the middle of the home page is your device, in this case the BlackWidow Ultimate. Left-clicking each key allows for you to program it for a number of functions such as: To the left of the home page, you can create an unlimited number of profiles with support for key-switching for up to 10 via function key , which is useful for games or specific applications. A nice bonus found underneath the profile page is the Link Application checkbox; with this, any app you select will apply your chosen keyboard profile upon launch, and is great if you happen to have multiple profiles.

Backlighting can also be adjusted in the Lighting tab, with a slider option for custom brightness, or to have the keyboard pulsate. I find the pulsate option annoying for actual use, but cool to show off. Is this possible? Thanks for the help, but I still have a problem: Hi, my macro buttons dosent work anymore, and im not sure why? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?. Thanks in advance. While booting it should be the Windows-Key.

Razer Synapse (MAC OSX ) - Cloud-based configurator and manager for Razer devices

Best is to try again, push the windows-key down directly after the boot chime and hold it until the boot device menu appears. All the changes in private. As workaround I would try using another keyboard, probably an old apple keyboard. Thanks for trying! I do plug in the mac keyboard only to boot into windows… ;- thanks again for everything. Hey thx a lot for this guide. It helped a lot. Can I use this keyboard on my duel boot custom pc? Can I use it to switch between my softwares? If you mean booting windows via boot camp and mac os x: Yes, you can use it without problems.

Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Mac OS X

Ah I see.. No real idea: You could only have problems with the special keys. Hey buddy, this seemed to work ok, but I decided to remove the drivers and return to the stock keyboard layout because I use the stand F5, F6, F7 and F8 keys constantly when using Reason. However, now none of these F keys work like they used to prior to installing the drivers. Do you know where the drivers are located so they can be removed? There appeared to be no official uninstaller for the drivers, so I just sent the razer utility to the trash, but the keyboard F keys are still broken….

Actually just worked it out — you HAVE to use the uninstaller located under utilities. Ran it and everything is as if the driver download never happened.

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Thank you for posting this, a friend of mine got me the PC Edition on accident. I could go through the hassle of returning it to get the Mac Edition or I could just use this as is for the time being. I intend on getting a Gaming PC built in the near future anyways. Have i installed the keyboards twice? Can I remove it?

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Any tips on how to do the exact opposite? Got the mac edition by mistake but im on PC so only work on numpad and macro keys do nothing even when binded in their program.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Elite Unboxing

Any tips? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. PC vs. To the right of the 12 function keys F there are the typical 80s IBM keys:

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