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Yet some of you actively want to download them. JW Player is the engine behind a good portion of those annoying autoplay videos you get when you land on certain web pages. Most of the time these are incredibly annoying but occasionally there might be one video you want to watch again and again. However, I digress. JW Player videos are delivered in a couple of ways.

The Best JW Video Downloader

They can also be streamed using encrypted file streams called HLS Streaming and are much more difficult to download. It can be done but is a lot of hassle. This will work on some videos that use the JW Player but not others. There are a couple of browser extensions that can download some videos from JW Player too. YouTube-dl is one and Video Download Helper is another. Install either or both and use them on the page where the video is hosted.

As soon as you see the video file on your Inspect element window then you can pause back the video. Click your target video, and you will see the requested URL where the video is located. You need to copy the URL so that we can start downloading the video in the next step.

How to download streaming video

Then the last step is you can right-click again anywhere around the video and Save it. You have now downloaded JW Player videos from a website without downloading any third-party apps or plugins. The first one did not work for you? The next method is still free from downloading any additional software to download JW Player videos. And here are the steps. Actually, the steps for this one is quicker and simpler than the first one — so far.

Open Mozilla Firefox and go the website where you want to download the video.

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Right-click anywhere in the page and look for Page Info. Then a new smaller window will open called Page Info. By default, you will be looking at the General window. You just need to click on Media to check all the images and videos embedded within the page. Then it is your chance to save the video locally.

If you are a technical person and knows some basic HTML and JavaScript scripting — then this will probably work for you. I mean like looking for something like, JW player downloader. However, if you bumped into the example I mentioned earlier where the uploader tries to cloak the videos then you might get stuck. Especially, if you are not a tech-savvy guy. The good thing about this software? It actually works and it is not limited only for downloading JW player videos but for anything that is downloadable.

The downside? Well, you only get a day trial and after that, you need to purchase it to enjoy. The installer is user-friendly enough to guide you on what to do. Go to the website where your JW Player video is stored. Once you are there and the page finished loading, you will notice a button like the one in the screenshot.

If there are other ways you know how you can save JW player videos, please do share it with us so that we can add it here and help others. So far, the steps above are the ones working based on our testing. I am sure there are other ways out there, but we want to make things simpler and easier for you.

This does not work with newp-ish jwplayer installs, they do segments, you can forget the whole thing. Only rather old ones do single file. The Firefox page info method worked for me with a couple of changes. I clicked Save As and left the default Save as type setting. I opened the file in Notepad and it looked like all gibberish at first but in the first live I noticed M4V in the line so I changed the file extension to. Worked immediately and tutorial is very very easy to follow. Especially when English is not my native language. Great work!!! It did work for me. Some sites added captions or subtitles which are seperated from the mp4 file.

How to get the video with the subtitles embedded is the real problem. So for me, I too have seen sites with nothing in the media when the page is refreshed and the video playing. And my JDownloader program and Chrome video downloader extensions will not be able to pick up any videos files at all. Segments streaming usually is in XHR tab.

Download JW Player Videos & Blob URLs with VLC (May 2019)

Some flowplayer videos has nothing resemblance videos at all in all the tabs. What i mean is the video is still streaming and no new files are added nor any existing files size is increasing. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Many thanks!

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Exactly where are your contact details though? Worked great for me, thanks! Firefox did not work—both the Inspect method and the info method—but Chrome did.

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  8. I had to open Inspect, then refresh the page and it showed up. The site does use segments, but Chrome was still able to download it as a whole using this method. Chrome version I need a copy of some video for my own possession and NOT stored on a third party site, So from a list of these videos with username and password needed for access.

    5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Download JW Player Videos

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