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Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description From the makers of Roxio Toast Titanium, the best-selling Mac digital media app, the new Roxio Toast Burn makes it easier than ever to burn Mac files to disc or copy discs. Corrected to reflect that the product only runs on Information Seller Corel Inc.

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Toast DVD. Until then, we need another solution. Adobe Encore part of Adobe Premiere offers pro-level Blu-ray Disc editing, but has a price tag and a learning curve to match. For those of us, though, who would like to play back our own HD movies on our home theater systems without hooking up our cameras, there is a much simpler - and much less expensive - option.

Unlock your burning and digital media possibilities with Toast Titanium

In more recent times, it has become a full suite of applications, including utilities to help import and clean up audio and photos, import and export TiVo recordings, and even label and catalog your discs. Of course, the basic ability to burn discs remains. As the name would imply, the Roxio Toast 11 Titanium with Blu-ray Video Disk Plugin package allows you to burn your HD video content to discs that can be played on most commercial Blu-ray players. If you have the basic version of Toast 11 Titanium you will need to get the appropriate plugin through an in-app purchase.

Open Toast. The window should look something like this, though it may vary slightly between Toast versions. Take the movie or movies you want to burn and drag them into the right side of the window. In the lower left portion of the window will be Options menu.

If it is not extended already, click on it to reveal the options for the disc. It should look something like the image at right. You can leave the rest of the options in their default settings unless you really feel the need to customize further. You can find detailed information regarding these options in the Toast documentation. There are three options for video quality: Good, Better, and Best. Keep in mind that as the video quality increases, so does the encoding time.

What's the difference between these two versions?

In this particular example, the videos happen to be named the way I want them to appear in the menu. In the Text tab, the first line is how the button text appears in the menu.

The leading digital media manager and DVD burner for Mac

The other lines can usually be left as-is. In the Video tab, you can select the frame to be used as the button picture by selecting a frame using the playback bar and your left and right arrow keys. In this example, I chose the frame at Otherwise, just leave it as-is.

Your Easy Guide to Burning Blu-Ray Video Discs on Your Mac From OWC

While we could burn directly to disc from here, the encoding time for Blu-ray takes quite a while. If you encode and burn directly, anything that happens that could cause a burn to fail a loose firewire cable, scratched media, etc.

Its generally safer to create a disk image and burn from that. You will be prompted to choose a location to save the image. Once you do, the encoding will begin.

Complete DVD burner for Mac and digital media suite

Again, depending on how long your video is, its complexity, and the speed of your computer, and a number of other factors, encoding can take quite a while. It is recommended you let the process run by itself and do something else during the encoding process. Results for your particular machine, however, may vary. The burning window will appear.

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