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Although we do not plan to support modding for obvious reasons we do not want to make it impossible to mod. The latest Mac 1.

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So when you download them, how do you run them to change RTW? The video is really helpful, I'll make sure to do everything I can to pass that along to anyone else who needs it. It's simply much easier than my way. Rinster, you should be able to edit the playable factions within the strat file.

Total War: Attila

Simply change the code from this: I will do my best to check in on this thread but you can also contact me by using my user name in this forum and adding feralinteractive. As I said Feral don't officially support mods but I will be about to offer advice and listen to suggestions and requests.

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Topic Subject: Coreyettinger Legionary. Hey everyone, first time post here, great site setup! Rinster Legionary. I got it from Feral also and I haven't been able to do anything either, not that I have any skills to deal with that sort of thing, it kind of sucks but from my view there is nothing to do, at least for now. Rinster, I've managed to get into the files! I havent tried it yet, but that's awesome!! Thanks Edwin for posting that message here!

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Off Battlefield Borders: Transparent Darth Greeting: Quick Navigation E: Warhammer Trilogy Warhammer Warhammer: Multiplayer Warhammer: Modifications Total War: Shogun 2 Total War: TW Guides Archives E: TW Modification N: TW Mod Files E: TW Mod Files Napoleon: Total War N: TW Multiplayer N: TW Guides N: Total War Medieval 2: Total War M2: TW Guides M2: Total War Rome: Total War R: Total war Imperium Illyricum: Total War Citadel: Total War Medieval: Total War M: Yet those bitter memories are tempered by all the apocalyptic battles we fought along the way as my increasingly beleaguered armies fought a doomed holding action across Europe against the tide of imperial-purple death.

The other thing Medieval did brilliantly was portray a world completely torn to pieces by religious strife. Jihads and Crusades marched back and forth across the Mediterranean, each a terrible force in the right hands but driven by a ceaseless need for conquest that almost invariably led them to disaster. So huge armies of zealots march to their death repeatedly over the course of this game, throwing the game into chaos. The role of the Pope in Medieval: Total War also deserves special mention as one of the most enjoyably infuriating villains of any strategy game.

Just when things are starting to go well for a Catholic ruler, the Pope can always be trusted to screw things up for the next ten years, which makes Medieval a pretty good argument for the Peace of Westphalia.

Medieval is a triumph of simplicity, and it took a decade for Total War to come close to matching it. The greatest hits of the horse-and-musket era Hidden Weakness: Has very little to do with actual Napoleonic warfare. On the heels of the disappointing Empire, Napoleon did two things to right the listing Total War ship.

First, it got specific about its era. Rather than being a vague pastiche of 18th century warfare, it focused on the armies of the Napoleonic wars and the career of the man who gave the era its name. That makes for a better and more manageable strategy game than Empire but, it also means something far more important: When the campaign begins, none of the foremost powers of Europe have figured out that you can have two and even three ranks of soldiers firing simultaneously if the guys in front take a knee.

It takes years of research for someone to have this idea, apparently. Grenadiers also throw grenades at close range, which is Total War at its most endearingly literal. The lighting is more dramatic than in Empire, giving all the action the look of the great oil-paintings that memorialize many of the pivotal moments of the Napoleonic Wars. Smoke billows and hangs over lines of blue-coated French soldiers, soldiers march into battle to the sound of fife and drum, and waves of cavalry dash themselves against dense squares of infantry.

After the unfocused Empire, Napoleon gave people what they wanted: With its Peninsular War DLC, Napoleon also helped establish a trend of odd, experimental expansion campaigns that would eventually help the series to break new ground with games like Attila. Continue reading about the best Total War games on page two. Laid the groundwork for everything to come Hidden Weakness: Not a lot built on those foundations here.

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What Shogun did was almost unimaginable at the time it came out. It let you control an entire strategic campaign, from any side, but also take command of epic real-time battles? It was a dream made real. Shogun is also a beautiful, elegant game in a way that few of its descendants have managed to replicate. On the battlefield, where each province has its own unique map, armies wage war over a mythic topography of Japan, where armies fired arrows from sheer mountain slopes and cavalry rolled like thunder down through deep valleys.

It has its flaws and strange touches like little movies showing ninjas dying tragicomic deaths while on missions, or geisha murdering your rivals with the same delicate fastidiousness with which a cat attends its litterbox. The strategic layer itself is very thin, and the near-identical factions were interchangeable. But those issues are nothing compared to how new and amazing this inaugural Total War was. That Shogun rates so low on this list is a testament to the ways in which the Total War series grew beyond its origins.

DarthMod Empire for Empire: Total War

How much time do you have? Wait, what the hell is Rome: Total War doing down here? Rome is the snake in the Total War garden. It was seductive and promising, but it also introduced a raft of new ideas and complications that were either poorly-conceived or poorly executed. New Total War games came and went, but the rot behind the edifice remained.

Yet there was undeniable greatness here. The sprite-based armies of the first two games were replaced by unbelievably detailed and lifelike armies of individual 3D models that brought history to life as never before. Watching legionaries go leaping over the ramparts of a Greek citadel and into hand-to-hand combat with dense rows of archers, or seeing lines of infantry and cavalry marching across a European plane towards the last army of a barbarian king gave me chills.

The Roman endgame, with its sudden plunge into civil war between the Roman faction, may also be the best finale that any Total War campaign has ever managed. But Rome is also the game where the series developed AI problems that it would consequently prove unable to solve despite repeated efforts. While the gorgeous 3D battle maps were a revelation, the 3D strategic map proved to be a millstone around the neck almost every subsequent Total War game.

The strategy half of the Total War equation was practically lost. Rome was impressive for its time, but it left a legacy of mediocrity. Medieval again but like Rome this time Hidden Weakness: Medieval again but like Rome this time. This is a tough game to rank because it shares almost all of its flaws with Rome: Total War but without the novelty and freshness that Rome could boast. On the other hand, it does work ever so slightly better than Rome. Rome tells its story from a position of Roman supremacy.

The Romans can keep upgrading cities and units until nobody can stop them. The barbarian factions, on the other hand, are operating with a huge series of handicaps, so a lot of the wars are lopsided.